Our work philosophy

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Our chardonnay vines

The Chardonnay grape variety makes up the entire vineyard.

All the work of culture is carried out in the tradition of the viticulture Mâconnaise. Through this tradition, we seek the physiological harmony of the vine, its right yield, in correlation with its soil and its climate.

The treatments are reasoned to the climate of the vintage and no synthetic product is used from the appearance of the flower, in June, to guarantee a wine without residue of pesticides.

At optimal maturity, the grapes are harvested manually throughout the vineyard. This choice allows us to fill our press with the freshest and healthiest grapes possible.

The harvest is synonymous with conviviality and good humor at the Domaine des 3 Dames and is the reward for a year of rigorous work in the vineyards.

Vignes Solutré Pouilly

The vinification of our white wines

The harvested grapes are conveyed to the press by conveyor belt in order to keep the bunches whole and to make the most of their juice.

The pressing is of the Champagne type, which means that no re-drying is applied in order to extract a must of optimal quality.

Once settled, the grape juice is put into oak barrels or stainless steel tanks depending on its appellation and origin.

From then on, the work of vinification is reduced to the benevolent supervision of the winemaker.

Thus, the naturally present indigenous yeasts slowly begin the work of transforming the grape juice into wine: this is the alcoholic fermentation.

Once the fermentation phase is over, the wines are aged from 10 to 18 months on lees in stainless steel tanks or in oak barrels depending on their appellation and origin.

Pied de vignes

” Wines that will never cease to surprise you “

Vignes de Juliénas

Our gamay vines

The Gamay grape variety makes up the entire vineyard.

Our Gamay vineyard is located in the commune of Pruzilly in the Juliénas appellation. It is made up of 2 parcels representing approximately 70 Ares.

All the works of culture are carried out in the tradition of the Beaujolais viticulture: goblet pruning, cane tying…

raisins rouge julienas

The vinification of our red wines

The harvested grapes are sorted manually in the vineyard in order to keep only the bunches that have reached optimal maturity in order to obtain a quality juice. Once sorted, the grapes are transported to a tank by conveyor belt in whole bunches.

This is when the maceration phase begins, which is essential for the extraction of the color, tannins and aromas of our future red wine. We carry out a pre-fermentation cold maceration for about 3 weeks with the objective of extracting a preferential aromatic of fresh red fruits.

Then, during the whole fermentation phase, the temperature will not exceed 33°C. During the whole maceration, we will carry out either pumping over or punching down in order to extract the best of the grapes’ compounds.

At the end of the maceration, the grapes are pressed and the resulting wine is then directly put into oak barrels. The malolactic fermentation will then take place in the barrels. Once the fermentation phase is over, the wines are aged for 18 months on their lees in oak barrels.


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